US stocks traded higher but off premarket levels

The major US indices are higher in early trading after yesterday’s declines which saw the major indices declined by -1.5%.

For the month of March despite the declines over the last couple days into month end, the major indices still had solid gains after two months of declines to start the year:

  • Dow industrial average rose 3.16%
  • S&P index rose 4.86%
  • NASDAQ index rose 6.81%

Year to date, the major indices were still lower:

A snapshot of the market currently shows:

  • Dow industrial average up 70.67 points or zero point to 0% at 34749.03
  • S&P index up 9.92 points or 0.22% at 4540.34
  • NASDAQ index up 45.49 points or 0.32% at 14266.01

All those levels were higher at the start of the North American session with levels as NA traders entering at:

  • Dow industrial average is up 206 points
  • S&P index up 26 points
  • NASDAQ index is up 108 points


  • Dow industrial average is back below its 100 and 200 day moving averages between 34996 (200 day moving average) and 35048 (100 day moving average).
Dow industrial average
Dow industrial average fell below 100/200D moving averages
  • S&P index is trading above and below its 100 day moving average at 4541.79. The low price today reached 4539.94. The high prices at 4548.70. Key barometer for that index going into the week end.
S&P trades above and below its 100 day moving average
  • NASDAQ index on Tuesday and Wednesday tested its falling 100 day moving average, but found willing sellers ahead of the level. The move 100 day moving average is currently at 14599.01. With the price at 14266.01, it remains safely below that key technical level.
NASDAQ index trades below its 100 day moving average


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