US President Biden eyeing two nominees to the Board of the US Federal Reserve.

The Wall Street Journal report that:

  • President Biden is considering Sarah Bloom Raskin … to become the central bank’s vice chairwoman of supervision, the government’s most influential overseer of the American banking system
  • Biden is also considering two economists for other Fed board seats that will soon be vacant: Lisa Cook, a professor of economics and international relations at Michigan State University; and Philip Jefferson, a professor and administrator at Davidson College in North Carolina.

The Journal citing unnamed ‘people’.

Raskin was previously a Fed governor from 2010 to 2014.

Here is the WSJ link. Both of those new nominees described in the article seem likely to be towards the more dovish end of the Fed spectrum.

I posted a who’s who on the Federal Open Market Committee last week:

The Boss was re-appointed pre-Christmas:

Federal Reserve Chair Powell


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