US Major indices close mixed

The Dow industrial is the only major indice to close higher today. However, it fell just short of closing at a record level of 36432.23. The S&P index, which closed at a record level yesterday, moved to a new intraday high, but closed lower on the day.

  • Dow has been up for 5 consecutive days
  • The Nasdaq index snapped its 4 day win streak
  • The new intraday high for the S&P is at 4807.02. It snapped a four day win streak

The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow industrial average rose 95.83 points or 0.26% at 36398.22
  • S&P index fell -4.84 points or -0.10% at 4786.34
  • NASDAQ index fell 89.53 points or -0.56% at 15781.73
  • Russell 2000 fell -14.95 points or -0.66% at 2246.50

Looking at the daily chart of the Dow industrial average, the high price today reached 36527.26. That was just off the all-time intraday high price of 36565.73 or 1732 points higher from its low reached on December 17

Dow industrial average

Dow industrial average closes just off its all-time high

A look at the other markets as holiday New York market comes to a close shows:

  • Spot gold fell $-6.23 or -0.34% at $1805.50
  • Spot silver is down four cents or -0.19% at $23
  • WTI crude oil is trading up $0.57 or 0.75% at $76.14
  • Bitcoin fell sharply to $47,649.86 after trading as high as $50,719.59, as the “buy Bitcoin at the Christmas dining table” ran out of steam. the high price $52,098 during trading yesterday. The price is back down testing its 200 day moving average at $47,721

oh hi it


Bitcoin tumbled lower today and is testing its 200D MA

In the forex market today, the major indices are ending the day close together with the JPY as the strongest of the major currencies while the CAD was the weakest.

The USD was modestly stronger with 1/2 of the gains vs the CAD (+0.25%). The other changes vs the USD were from -0.01% to +0.13%


The strongest to weakest of the major currencies

In the US debt market, yields were little changed across the curve.

US yields

The US yields are mixed/little changed


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