The economic calendar due from Asia today is empty (but here is something on Japan CPI)

There is nothing of note on the economic calendar in Asia today. Wednesday 29 December 2021.

Which would make for a dull post indeed. So, just recapping some data from yesterday.

The BOJ have their own measure of core inflation. In November their core measure came in at 0.8%;

  • This is highest for this indicator since February of 2018
  • the median consensus estimate was 0.5%

The BOJ will welcome this higher result, although 0.8% is still a long way short of the BOJ’s 2% core inflation target.

Chart accompanying the data release:

boj core inflation 29 December 2021

As a side note on this chart. Its from the Bank of Japan itself. Note the upper bound of the chart is 1.5%, that is even the BOJ appears to acknowledge their target of 2% is some distant and far-off dream. Sheesh.


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