S&P index moves closer to all time high close

The S&P index is moving closer to its all-time high close. That level comes in at 4739.72. The high price just reached 4733.19.

S&P index

The S&P index is approaching its all-time high

The price closed last week at 4620.65. On Monday the index gap lower reaching a low price of 4531.10 before starting a three day rally that has seen the index move up some 165 points or 3.62% from the close on Monday.

The S&P index is now up 2.44% from the close last Friday.

For the NASDAQ index it is still some 3.4% off its all-time high of 16182.63. However from a technical perspective, the price has extended above its 50 day moving average today at 15513.67. On Tuesday, a move back above its 100 day moving average at 15190.94. The price is working on its third day in a row higher. From the Monday close, the price is up 4.53%. From the low on Monday the price is risen 5.38%.

NASDAQ index

NASDAQ index is up 5.3% from its lows

For the year, the gains are impressive:

  • Dow industrial average +17.6%
  • S&P index up 26%
  • NASDAQ index up 21.4%


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