Significant Improvements for Partnership from JustMarkets

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an esteemed player in the global brokerage arena, is thrilled to announce
significant upgrades to its partnership programs. The launch of the new Partner
Loyalty Program
and enhancements to the Introducing Broker (IB) Program
mark a pivotal moment in the company’s mission to foster robust and rewarding
partnerships. These initiatives are set to revolutionize how partners engage,
offering unparalleled rewards and opportunities for growth.

Improved Introducing Broker Program

The IB
Program, crowned as the “Best IB/Affiliate Program 2023” by Money
Expo, has undergone significant refinements to better serve the growing
community of JustMarkets partners. The program’s structure now features six
levels, each offering increasing benefits and potential earnings. From the
initial Partner status to the pinnacle Brilliant Partner level, every tier is
crafted to recognize and reward the effort and success of affiliates.

Noteworthy features of the enhanced
IB Program include:

commission potential, with partners earning up to $25 per lot.

introduction of a Boost Period for new partners, accelerating level progression
threefold during the initial three months.

automated rebate system that enhances client retention and satisfaction.

Subpartner Program, offering an additional commission stream by building a
network of sub-affiliates.

enhancements are part of JustMarkets’ commitment to providing a dynamic,
rewarding, and growth-oriented partnership environment.

New Partner Loyalty Program

January 1st, 2024, JustMarkets is ushering in a new era of partner engagement
with the introduction of its Partner Loyalty Program. This program is designed
to surpass traditional reward schemes, focusing on appreciating and recognizing
the unwavering loyalty of partners. Participants can look forward to luxury
prizes, including international dream vacations, high-end cars, and substantial
cash rewards, reflecting JustMarkets’ commitment to their partners’ success.

The loyalty
program emphasizes simple yet impactful objectives: achieving targeted referred
trading volumes, maintaining a robust active client base, and ensuring
consistent client engagement. These milestones are seamlessly managed and
monitored via an intuitive Partner Area, ensuring transparency and ease of

The program
signals a transition to a more luxurious and rewarding journey. With these
enhancements, JustMarkets invites partners worldwide to partake in a
partnership experience where dedication is celebrated with luxury.

Why JustMarkets Stands Out

continues to be a broker of choice for many due to its unwavering commitment to
providing secure and advantageous trading conditions. Regulated by reputable
bodies including CySEC, FSA, FSCA, and FSC, JustMarkets offers a safe trading
environment. The broker boasts an expansive array of over 170 trading
instruments, catering to diverse trading preferences.

In 2023,
JustMarkets made strides by reducing spreads by 55% on popular assets, offering
swap-free trading for all accounts, and implementing Gap Protection to secure
trades against market volatility.

Also this
broker offers a $30
Welcome Bonus
for every new trader, providing opportunity to test their
services without any investments. Along with this, all clients can get up to
120% Deposit Bonus on every deposit they make.

JustMarkets provides its clients with comprehensive market analysis from
experienced in-house experts, ensuring traders have access to the latest market
insights and can make informed trading decisions.

All Markets at Your Fingertips

is dedicated to ensuring that trading is as convenient and accessible as
possible. To this end, the broker has developed cutting-edge mobile
applications that allow clients worldwide to access global markets anytime,
anywhere. Recognizing the diverse needs of its global clientele, JustMarkets
has released two state-of-the-art trading apps, one for iOS and another for
Android users, thus embodying its commitment to providing top-notch trading
conditions for everyone.

These apps
are not static but are continuously evolving to meet and exceed user
expectations. A recent update has already enhanced user experience by
integrating the functionality of tracking open/closed positions and pending
orders for MT5 accounts. This feature allows traders to manage their trades and
monitor their success more effectively, directly from their mobile devices.

Copytrading Revolution

2023 marked
a significant leap forward for JustMarkets with the launch of the Copytrading
mobile app for iOS and Android. This app empowers investors to copy the trades
of seasoned traders, anytime and anywhere.

conjunction with the app, they introduced the New Trader’s Expertise Indicator
– a sophisticated tool designed to provide deeper insights into a trader’s risk
profile and strategy effectiveness.

The Vision and Mission

At the core
of JustMarkets’ operations is a steadfast mission and vision. The mission,
“To create a convenient and transparent trading environment so that
everyone can reach their full investment potential,” alongside the vision,
“To be the world’s most customer-centric broker,” have been guiding
principles since the company’s inception in 2012. These core values underscore
every decision and enhancement made, aiming to provide the best possible
trading experience for all clients and partners.

Looking Ahead

With these
strategic enhancements and a continued focus on improving partnership
conditions, JustMarkets anticipates a surge in partner engagement and client
acquisition. The improved Partner Loyalty and IB Programs are more than just
enhancements; they represent JustMarkets’ dedication to growth, excellence, and
the prosperity of its community.

JustMarkets continues to expand its services and reach, the question remains:
will you be part of this transformative journey toward successful trading and
rewarding partnerships? Join JustMarkets today and step into a world of
superior trading conditions and partnership opportunities.

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