Putin: The Minsk peace deal concerning Ukraine was killed off by Ukrainian authorities

The justification game continues with Russian Pres. Putin now saying:

  • The Minsk peace deal concerning Eastern Ukraine was killed off long before Russia’s decision to recognize two Ukrainian breakaway regions
  • It was killed off by Ukrainian authorities
  • Minsk peace deal no longer exists, there is nothing to fulfill
  • Hopes Ukraine and the breakaway republics can work out their differences on the subject
  • On using force in Donbass, “we will carry out our obligations if necessary”
  • The best decision that Ukraine could take would be to renounce its NATO membership ambitions
  • Ukraine should demilitarized
  • Moscow would be in range of Ukrainian nuclear missiles
  • Only thing that Ukraine lacks with regard to nuclear is its ability to enrich uranium and that’s something Ukraine could resolve
  • Did not say our troops will go there immediately
  • Possible actions of Russian military in Donbass will depend on the situation on the ground

The Minsk peace deal was an attempt to a cease-fire in the Donbass region of Ukraine.


Read this Term has moved lower in reaction to the headlines. The EURUSD is lower but not exactly running.

Looking at the EURGBP, it has fallen below its 100 hour moving average at 0.8344. Earlier, the price fell below its 200 hour moving average 0.83652 where momentum to the downside increased.


EURGBP tumbles lower


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