Nasdaq looks to test the January lows


NASDAQ index is looking to test the swing lows from January

The NASDAQ index is trading below the lowest close going back to May 2021. The low close this year was on January 27 at 13352. The current price is trading at 13298.

The high price for the NASDAQ was at 16212.23 back on November 23. The index is now down around 18% from its intraday high. The price is still above its lowest level for 2022 which came in at 13094.65 on January 24. At the low, the NASDAQ at fell -19.23%.

Looking back to the start of their pandemic, the index fell some 32% from the high to the low.

Pres. Biden is starting his speech with the Dow Jones down -661 points. The S&P down -72.94 points and the NASDAQ index down -260 points.


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