More from Japan’s fin min – ready to splurge more fiscal support “without hesitation”

Suzuki speaking following the Japanese CPI data.

Japan January Headline CPI 0.5% y/y (expected 0.6%)

Headline CPI has risen for 5 months in a row. Once energy prices are excluded though the country is showing deep disinflation (January was -0.7% y/y once surging fuel prices were taken out).


  • recent price rises driven mostly by increases in energy costs, though
    forex moves also has had some impact
  • if inflation rises before
    improvement in job market, wage hikes kick in, that could affect
  • will closely watch global economic
    developments including inflation, energy price moves
  • govt ready to deploy necessary
    fiscal stimulus as economy still suffering from covid-19 crisis
  • it’s true japan’s fiscal situation
    becoming more severe
  • Japan must maintain its resolve to
    get its fiscal house in order

Japan finance minister Suzuki


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