IEX shares rise 4.7% on easing market coupling concerns By

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Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) shares experienced a notable uptick today, as investor concerns regarding the implementation of market coupling were alleviated. The stock climbed by 4.7% to ₹150.4 on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), reflecting a positive shift in market sentiment.

Market coupling has been a contentious issue since June, when the Power Ministry directed a phased initiation of this mechanism, which aims to unify the Market Clearing Price (MCP) across all power exchanges. The move was anticipated to challenge IEX’s dominance in the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) and Real-Time Market (RTM) segments, potentially reducing its market share significantly.

The initial announcement had a dramatic impact on IEX’s stock value, causing it to plummet over 18% across June 8 and 9. However, resistance from stakeholders against the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (CERC) market coupling proposal emerged by Thursday, August 21, 2023. This resistance was rooted in the current system of varied price discovery methods across different exchanges, which stakeholders preferred over a unified approach.

Today’s increase in IEX’s share price signals that investors are gaining confidence that the company may retain its competitive edge despite the proposed regulatory changes. The easing of concerns comes after months of uncertainty and highlights the market’s adaptability to evolving regulatory environments.

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