Hostilities reportedly continue to take place in Donbass

A couple of headlines are crossing so I’ll just put them out there with the source in brackets:

  • Sirens activated in Lugansk, correspondent says (Sputnik)
  • Ukrainian forces using heavy artillery, mortars, grenade launchers and tanks; people are dying, DPR head says (Sputnik)
  • Russian border checkpoint destroyed by projectile fired from Ukraine (Sputnik)
  • Russia’s FSB says shell from Ukrainian territory destroyed border guard post in Rostov region (Interfax)
  • Russia’s FSB says there are no casualties from the attack (Interfax)

Markets aren’t exactly responding too much to the news as the hostilities in the region have stretched on from last week. I would argue that the headlines are still up for one to decipher and believe but in any case, it is best to be aware of what is being put out by Russia in case it leads to any false flag situation.

Putin war games


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