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General Electric (NYSE:) is currently investigating a purported security breach after a hacker group known as CyberNiggers, with a member named IntelBroker, claimed to have compromised sensitive information related to military projects. The alleged cyber intrusion involved accessing GE’s networks and extracting classified data, which the hacker initially attempted to auction for $500 on a dark-web forum.

The hacker provided screenshots as proof, showcasing classified databases from GE Aviation that detailed military projects, including those associated with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Although GE has not officially confirmed the authenticity of the breach, the company has taken the allegations seriously and has launched an inquiry into the matter, emphasizing its dedication to system security and the protection of its collaborative projects with DARPA.

IntelBroker, part of the group CyberNiggers, is known for previous significant data leaks and cyberattacks. After failing to sell the stolen data last week, IntelBroker is now offering both the content and network access for sale online. This includes SQL databases, aviation system details, maintenance records, and other sensitive documents.

The group recently made headlines on Tuesday, November 22, 2023, when they resurfaced on a hacker forum. CyberNiggers had been under the radar due to legal pressure from US agencies following infiltrations of the DC Health Link program and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Despite this, they are actively recruiting individuals with skills in operational security and encryption, demonstrating their continued involvement in cybercriminal activities.

GE’s commitment to enhancing its cybersecurity posture remains steadfast as it deals with this latest challenge to its network integrity. The investigation is ongoing, and further details will likely emerge as it progresses.

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