China’s Secret recipe for its economic miracle (from the Plenary session)

China’s state media with this, comes via Global Times:

1. Development is the absolute principle

2. Deepen reform

3. Stick to opening-up

4. Innovation is the primary driving force behind development

5. Unswervingly consolidate & develop the public economy; Unwaveringly encourage, support & guide the development of the non-public sector
6. Promote the better integration of an efficient market and a capable government

7. Adhere to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability
8. Uphold Party’s leadership

Speaking of that final point.

President Xi prevailed at the plenum, setting up an indefinite extension of his rule. 

  • The plenum was held this week, it concluded yesterday after 4 days of top level talks. 

China’s ruling Communist Party approved a resolution elevating President Xi Jinping’s status in its history. This consolidates Xi as leader and sets up a likely third leadership term next year (to be rubber-stamped at next year’s 20th Party Congress).

Similar resolutions have passed only twice before, in 1945 and 1981, which cemented leadership positions for Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping respectively.

China's state media with this, comes via Global Times:


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