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Investors eyeing a slice of Cathay General Bancorp’s (NASDAQ:) upcoming dividend have until the ex-dividend date of November 28 to acquire shares, positioning them to receive a payout on December 11. The bank is distributing $0.34 per share, underlining its commitment to sustainable shareholder value with a conservative payout ratio of 27%.

Cathay General has cultivated a reputation for prudent financial management and consistent shareholder rewards. The institution has raised its dividends by an average annual rate of 42% over the past decade, alongside robust earnings growth at an annual rate of 18% over five years. With a current share price of $36.68 and a historical yield of 3.7%, investors are poised for continued returns from the company’s stable dividends and potential long-term capital gains, without concern for equity dilution.

The scheduled dividend distribution reflects Cathay General’s strategic focus on long-term value and stability, making it an appealing prospect for investors looking for reliable income streams combined with growth opportunities.

InvestingPro Insights

Cathay General Bancorp stands out with its high earnings quality, as its free cash flow surpasses net income, indicating a robust financial position. Investors will be pleased to know that the company yields a high return on invested capital and has maintained a streak of consistently increasing earnings per share. Notably, Cathay General has upheld dividend payments for an impressive 33 consecutive years, underscoring its commitment to shareholder returns.

InvestingPro Data shows a market capitalization of $2.66 billion and an attractive P/E ratio of 7.21, which is quite low relative to the company’s near-term earnings growth. The dividend yield is currently at 3.71%, further highlighting the company’s appeal to income-focused investors. Additionally, the stock is trading at a price that is 78.41% of its 52-week high, suggesting potential room for upside.

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