Boundary Gold and Copper Mining Ltd. shifts to NEX with new ticker BDGC.H By

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VANCOUVER – Boundary Gold and Mining Ltd. is set to resume trading on Monday, December 11, after its move from the TSX Venture Exchange Tier 2 to the NEX board, a separate board of the TSX Venture Exchange for companies that have fallen below its ongoing listing standards. The transition comes as a result of the company’s failure to meet the Tier 2 requirements outlined in Policy 2.5.

The reinstatement of trading follows the revocation of Boundary Gold and Copper Mining’s Cease Trade Order by the British Columbia Securities Commission due to non-compliance issues. With the shift to NEX, the company will trade under a new ticker symbol, BDGC.H, reflecting its updated market status. The “.H” extension is commonly used to denote companies listed on the NEX board.

Despite these significant changes, Boundary Gold and Copper Mining will retain its corporate identity, including its name, Cusip number, and existing capital structure, which remains unconsolidated. However, as part of the NEX board regulations, the company will face certain restrictions on share issuances and specific types of payments.

The move to NEX is often seen as a step for companies that are working towards reestablishing themselves and meeting the requirements necessary to return to a higher-tier exchange in the future.

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