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LONDON – ReElement Technologies, a subsidiary of American Resources (NASDAQ:) Corporation (NASDAQ:AREC), has launched ReElement Technologies Africa Ltd, to enhance the production of essential minerals across the African continent using environmentally responsible refining technologies.

CEO of ReElement Technologies Mark Jensen emphasized that this expansion aims to improve the company’s mineral production base and replace outdated, toxic refining methods with sustainable practices.

The newly established ReElement Africa plans to develop local economies through strategic partnerships that enable in-country processing while also providing necessary inputs for the Kentucky Lithium site located within the extensive mining infrastructure of east Appalachia. The subsidiary is set to establish local entities tailored to partnership agreements under its modular platform structure. This approach allows for adaptable financial models that align with the interests of regional stakeholders.

ReElement Africa’s operations will be underpinned by a “Capture-Process-Purify” sequence, which is supported by a comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property rights, including 16 patents. These are further reinforced through sponsored research partnerships with leading universities.

American Resources Corporation, known for sourcing raw materials from strategic locations like the Central Appalachian basin, focuses on extracting metallurgical carbon alongside critical minerals procurement and metal recycling endeavors.

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