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Advent Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADN), a leader in fuel cells and hydrogen technology, has been granted an additional 180 days to comply with the Nasdaq’s minimum bid price requirement. The company must achieve a closing bid price of at least $1.00 for ten consecutive business days by May 20, 2024, to maintain its listing. Advent remains listed under the ticker “ADN” after affirming its commitment to market value criteria and expressing its intent to resolve the bid price deficiency.

Headquartered in Boston with a global presence, Advent is known for developing fuel cell systems and supplying essential components to the renewable energy sector. The firm’s proprietary High-Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (HT-PEM) technology, covered by over 150 patents, is versatile enough to be used in various industries, including automotive and aviation.

The extension comes after Nasdaq first cited Advent for non-compliance with the $1.00 bid price rule on Tuesday, May 24, 2023. As the initial deadline approached on Monday this week, Advent was considering measures such as a reverse stock split to address the issue. However, as of today, the company has confirmed that it meets all other listing criteria except for the bid price.

Advent’s press release includes forward-looking statements that acknowledge risks associated with maintaining its Nasdaq listing. Challenges such as potential financial volatility due to litigation outcomes and market competition are highlighted as factors that could influence the company’s business strategy and market position.

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