A couple of signs of tighter restrictions ahead for Australia as Omicron cases mount

Sources indicating density limits will return in NSW after Christmas Day.

Also, this, from local media:

  • Paramedics across Sydney are reporting rapidly increasing call volumes, with reported wait times for the highest level emergencies of up to an hour.
  • increasing COVID-19 cases and other traumas and injuries

ADDED – NSW mandating masks for indoor settings from midnight tonight

Yesterday Australia’s National Cabinet met (representatives of Federal and state/territory governments). No measures of significance were announced but it appears they may be in the pipeline for after Christmas Day.

The signs that the Omicron variant is not as sever as Delta are mounting, and Australia’s population are (in general, some place less so) are hitting 90%+ double vax rates, but nevertheless it appears there may well be challenges ahead in January and into February.



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